An Introduction…

I’ll skip all of the introduction for myself, as you can read that at the About page. Instead, I’d like to give an overview of the kind of topics I’m going to cover with this blog.

As a master’s student in technology and information management, this blog will be primarily devoted to those subjects. More specifically, I’ll probably end up talking about data a lot. This could be related to analytics, ethics, quality, tools, visualizations and whatever else. As a relative neophyte in the subject of “data science”, I hope this blog will serve as a learning experience for myself. Additionally, I would like it to serve as a way for me to share some of the interesting information I find as well as my thoughts.

Aside from the primary topic of data, I’ll probably also post significant projects that are related. For instance, a visualization I made or perhaps something I programmed in Python. Most importantly, I’d like this blog to serve as a testament to my knowledge development and growth in these subject matters.

Finally, I may also post things that are completely irrelevant to data… such as a cool recipe I came up with or a web development/design tidbit. Who knows!

Here’s a brief recap of the topics for this blog:

  • Data and data science:
    • Ethics
    • Quality
    • Tools
    • Analytics
    • Management
    • Visualizations
  • Data/technology projects I’ve created
  • Miscellaneous content:
    • Web design/development
    • Recipes (because I love to bake)

Here’s hoping to a rich and frequently updated blog!

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